by Rosamund Lupton

Judy Stanton (12/09/13): I haven't read a good page turner in awhile, so I have to admit that Sisters was a real treat. The story is about two sisters, one living in NYC and leading the success driven American lifestyle and the other living in England, their home country, attending college and aspiring to become an artist. Despite their differences…one dresses meticulously, the other buys clothes at vintage used clothing shops…they are very close. Early on in the book, the younger sister dies, and the older one returns home and finds her life overtaken by her determination to figure out how this could have happened. The writing style takes you back and forth in time, but it is well-written and fast-moving, leaving the reader to keep pace and figure out what is real and what is not. Lupton further explores relationships with siblings, parents, and romantic partners, all with touching insights. A great read.

Arlene Almas (10/26/11): I found this a quite unusual and intriguing book. The older of two sisters from London, Beatrice, has moved to New York to work and has married. She and Tess, the younger sister, are very close in spite of their geographical separation; Beatrice (or Bee, as Tess calls her) relishes the role of big sister and continues to give advice and support to Tess. When Bee's mother calls to tell her that Tess is missing, Bee immediately flies to London, takes up residence in her sister's apartment, and starts investigating Tess's life in order to learn what has happened to her. The emotional connection between the two sisters is incredibly strong, and sustains Bee as she struggles to resolve the question of what actually happened to Tess. The author pulls this off amazingly well, and her ending totally surprised me. I highly recommend "Sister."
Rating: *****

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