Six Years

by Harlan Coben

Ricki Brodie (02/13/14): Jake Fischer found the love of his life only to lose her when she marries her ex-boyfriend. Natalie makes him promise never to contact them again. Jake, a professor, agrees but six years later he sees an obituary for Natalieís husband in the University news and all bets are off. When he attends the funeral he finds the widow is not Natalie. Jake goes on a path to find Natalie only he keeps finding nothing but more confusion.

The plot twists and turns in on itself with intersecting connections. Itís fun to figure out how the pieces fit. The narrator is Jake and he, at times, imagines what the reader is thinking which puts levity in some strange situations. We all hope that our love/soul mate will stop at nothing to be with us. I read this book in less than 24 hours. I could not put it down.
Rating: ****

Laura Hall (01/29/14): Wow! I have never read a book by this author before, but it was a page turner gripping me until the end. There were some lag times where I wanted to surpass the details to get to the end truth but you could not skip over a passage or chapter because there could be some underlying detail needed. The way all characters take part and are never who they seem or are they? Worth the read!
Rating: *****

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