Sky of Red Poppies

Sky of Red Poppies

by Zohreh Ghahremani

Judy Stanton (11/26/13): Sky of Red Poppies is a wonderful coming of age story set in Iran in the 1960s. The author writes of high school friendships and family dynamics that anyone can relate to; the delight at finding a good friend, the sorrow at losing a parent, the dynamics of sibling rivalry. Yet, the backdrop of this story is a country divided by wealth and poverty, by those supporting the regime of the Shah and those angry and advocating revolt, and by traditions that limit women's freedoms. She lovingly inserts poetry and beautiful imagery and tells in an epilog how vital that love of words was to the Persian culture. Fair warning: this book was not available in ATL, I had to get an interlibrary loan to have it sent from San Francisco, and carefully return it by deadline. It was well worth it!
Rating: *****

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