Snowflower and the Secret Fan

Snowflower and the Secret Fan

by Lisa See

Susan Casella: Amazing dialogue, touches the heart on all levels, I started out not sure I would enjoy this book, but quickly became immersed in he ways of life within this culture. I not learned alot, but I am truly touched by the strength of women!
Rating: *****

Hadriane Kalfus: I was greatly moved by this book. The strife of the women, first in a subserviant culture and secondly the hardship of their day to day lives. The bonds of friendship over decades was beautifly portrayed, the writing was very descriptive and flowed beautifully. One of my favorite recent books.
Rating: *****

Debbie Weiss: This is a beautifully written story of the relationship of two girls/women in 19th century China.  Lily and Snowflower are paired together at the age of 7 to be "old sames," sharing thoughts and dreams and life cycle events.  I was unable to really relax and enjoy the book, though, because I was so upset at the way girls and women were treated in the Chinese society.  Only the lives of sons were valued and females  often were mistreated at the hands of their spouses. 
Rating: ****

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