Something Missing

Something Missing

by Matthew Dicks

Faith Bowers (04/21/14): I really enjoyed Something Missing.I had read it after Dale's review. I thought it was funny once I got into Martin's way of life. The OCD didn't really bother me and I liked that he took responsibility for his life. It was a pleasurable easy read.
Rating: ****

Gail Reid (04/16/14): Dale's done an admirable job recapping this unusual novel. I give it high marks for originality but much lower ones for the pace throughout the novel.

There is only so much of Martin's obsessive compulsive behavior that I could handle. What was sometimes amusing was also often annoying and uncomfortable when you consider how socially awkward Martin has become as a result of his multiple neuroses. (I didn't like the tv series Monk, either.)

However,the fact that a thief has high moral standards does make for a good story. The novel picks up the pace in the last third of the book when Martin is challenged to help his "clients" rather than steal from them items of no value or surreptitiously visit their homes when they are away. ***+
Rating: ***+

Dale Israel (10/17/13): Something Missing by Matthew Dicks was recommended to me by my good friend Sharon Horowitz. It's a quirky little novel and somewhat of a departure from my usual reading fare but it was actually a pleasant change of pace. The premise of the book is quite interesting. Martin is a social misfit who is a career thief. He is very, very OCD which adds humor to the story. He has been robbing the same homes for years and considers those he steals from as his "clients". Martin develops " relationships" with his clients based upon what he observes in their homes i.e. photos, invitations, how they organize their drawers, other personal items, etc. He only takes items his clients wouldn't miss such as excess rolls of toilet tissue, lemonade and the occasional piece of unworn jewelry. Martin is a rather likable, moral fellow despite the fact that he's a habitual thief. A series of events take place adding interest to the story. This book probably isn't for everyone but if you enjoy books that are a little different , you may want to check this one out. I really enjoyed it a lot and would love to hear what others think about this book
Rating: ****

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