War Br1iodes

Songs From the Phenomenal Nothing

by Steven Luna

Jennifer Gilbert (01/29/14): I loved this book! As parents we make choices that impact our children every day. Songs from the Phenomenal Nothing looks at the way these decisions haunt and change our children in ways we might never anticipate. Steven Luna’s writing was profound and powerful. It made me want to be a more empathetic mother. And it made me hope that if anything ever happened to me, that my husband and my son would create their own beautiful world without me. As a former musician, the scenes where Tyler gets lost in his music spoke to my heart. The way Steven Luna described the audition and the practice sessions were so accurate to my own life. With enough intrigue and drama to fill multiple books, this will be a fantastic read for young adults, parents, musicians, and anyone wanting a book to provide more than just entertainment. Rating: *****

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