South of Etowah

South of Etowah

by Raymond L. Atkins

Overview: Novelist Raymond L. Atkins offers a lighthearted change of pace in this collection of humorous essays. He explores a diverse range of topics as seen from the porch of his home on the southern bank of the mighty Etowah River in northern Georgia. From this lofty height he holds forth on holidays, parenthood, cars, home ownership, aging, travel, medicine, technology, ballet, movies, marriage, Shakespeare, dogs, cats, music, swimming pools, vintage television, nicknames, amusement parks, restaurants, school projects, language, computers, hair, bad jobs, William Faulkner, weddings, advertising, Broadway plays, yard work, hospitals, cooking, Elvis Presley, moving, money, art, college, dinner theater, and a variety of other subjects. Atkins lives and writes on a river, and the view from SOUTH OF THE ETOWAH is unique. It is funny, irreverent, wise, and well worth the trip. So come along! There is plenty of room on the porch, the coffee pot is on, and a cool breeze is blowing up from the river.

Rona Simmons (10/30/16): I have said on a number of occasions, if you haven't had a chance to hear Raymond Atkins speak or read from his books, you have missed a treat. Reading South of Etowah is the next best thing. The book is compilation of reflections of Atkins' world, indeed South of the Etowah. Open almost any page at random and you'll connect, identify you or someone you know who had the same experience and then laugh your head off! Don't miss the tale of the Waffle House visit.
Rating: *****

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