Star Island

Star Island

by Carl Hiassen

Chris Mehling: like Mr. Hiassen's humor, and have enjoyed his books in the past. This one is an easy read, about a bad-girl celebrity Cherry Pye and her entourage of zany characters. I didn't like as much as some of his previous books, but I still enjoyed it and laughed out loud a few times.
Rating: ***

Arlene Almas: Here's the hysterically funny story of a bad-girl pop star celebrity, Cherry Pye, who has both a manager and a stage mother from hell. Her PR women are identical twins, and her bodyguard is something like the terminator. Cherry doesn't know she has a double who stands in for her when she's drunk/high/passed out, but a paparazzo named Bang Abbott finds out about it and the story takes off from there - a kidnapping and other hijinks ensue. Bang is obsessed with Cherry, Cherry is obsessed with her boyfriend and just wants to have her kind of fun, and other zany characters do their riotous things. If you're in the mood for a good laugh, this ought to do it.
Rating: ****

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