Still Alice

Still Alice

by Lisa Genova

Marilyn Baron (01/02/12): Just want to say that I agree with all of the reviews of this excellent book. It is the best portrayal of Alzheimer's I've ever read. I learned things I never knew about the disease and how to recognize the symptoms. It is well written and informative and horrifying at the same time. I highly recommend this book to anyone.
Rating: *****

Debbie Weiss (12/26/11): This is a very powerful book that has haunted me since I finished reading it a few days ago. Every time I forget a name or stumble over a word, I now worry that I am in the early stages of Alzheimer's Disease. Seeing such an intelligent woman's mental capability disintegrate little by little --- and have her understand what was happening to her --- was simply heartbreaking.
Rating: *****

Wanda Cohen: Like the other reviewers, I was touched and perhaps changed by this book. My ability to remember where the bathroom is located will never be taken for granted again. Alice wins your heart both as a highly intellegent woman and as a mentally challenged woman. Lisa made her real and her disease very real for all of us. It kept me turning the pages long after the rest of the world was sound asleep.
Rating: *****

Judy Stanton: "Still Alice" is a novel about a brilliant 51-year-old woman who is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's Disease. The tragedy of the effect of the illness on her personal and professional life is described looking through her eyes at various stages of dementia. The perspectives of her children and husband are developed through very readable dialogue. The story is very real and so very sad; I cried my way through Alice's brave speech to an Alheimer's convention. Still there is a glimmer of hope in the close family relationships that love bonds together.
Rating: *****

Kim Sisto Robinson: Imagine yourself jogging in your own neighborhood and quite suddenly - not being able to find your way home. Imagine pulling your underwear over your head rather than your bra. Imagine not recognizing your own face in the mirror. Now imagine that woman is you.

"Still Alice" is a powerful, painful narrative about a highly respected 49- year-old Harvard Professor, Alice Howland, whom was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's disease. In this exquisite novel, Lisa Genova brings the reader directly into Alice's world of Alzheimer's disease. She brings us on an intricate journey of darkness, forgetfulness, and the decline of the mind step by step and page by page, until we feel as if we are losing pieces of our minds, too.

Alice is asked five questions throughout the reading of the book by her doctor: 1. What is your name? 2. Where do you work? 3. Where is your office? 4. When is your daughter's birthday? 5. Where do you live?

In the last chapter, Alice cannot answer a single question. To be quite truthful, I'm angry as hell about that. I'm angry because Alzheimer's steals the very essence of who we are. It takes EVERYTHING. It is a Monster and a Thief. It is the Devil himself. What we are left with in the end of this disease is a mere shell of who we once were, because the soul has already risen.

***I lost sleep after reading this book, but still, it is highly recommended. You will never feel the same about Alzheimer�s disease or the people in your lives that have it.
Rating: *****

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