Storm Prey

Storm Prey

by John Sanford

Wanda Cohen: John has written many books in the "Prey" series. This one is a great addition but can stand alone if you haven't read any of his other books. The main character, Lucas Davenport is likable and earnest in his efforts to solve crimes. He has integrity with an edge. The plot has suspense even though you "see" the crime happen and know the bad guys from the beginning. It's fast paced. I enjoyed it even though it's gory and graphic. I like Davenport and his easy confidence and effortless mental gymnastics as he pieces together all the pieces of evidence to solve the crime and hunts down the criminals. Four men break into a hospital pharmacy stealing very marketable drugs. An easy thing as one of the men works at the hospital. It all goes wrong when someone is killed. Lucas's wife, Weather, gets into the action as she's a Dr. at the hospital and a possible witness.

I read many crime solver books and I keep going back to John Sanford when I'm looking for a great book for the plane or the beach or a rainy day. This is one you can share with your husband/boyfriend/son and he will be glad you did.
Rating: ****

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