Struck By Living

Struck By Living

by Julie Hersh

Debbie Weiss: A book about a person who tried to commit suicide three times might scare most readers off, but "Struck By Living" is actually an uplifting story about an individual who suffered from depression but sought treatment and got help. Julie started having depressive episodes in college, but did not seek professional care until after her first suicide attempt which occured a few years later. She spent time in a psychiatric facility, had professional therapy, took medication and had electroshock therapy. The fact that treatment definitely made her improve led her to the realization that depression is truly an illness and it can be treated.

I had the pleasure of meeting the author, Julie Hersh, when she was in Atlanta for the Decatur Book Festival. Julie wrote the book with the hope that others who might be suffering from mental illness will read it --- and will understand that help is available and they can get better. There is still a stigma in society about people who suffer from mental illness, but hopefully books like "Struck By Living" will help to remove that stigma. I enjoyed the book and recommend it.
Rating: ****

Jane Shaw: My college roommate's sister wrote this book about her lifetime battle with depression and her attempts at suicide. It is a very moving and honest account of someone who on the outside seems to have it "all" yet lives daily with depression despite therapies, drugs, and electric shock treatment. The book is based on Julie's personal journal writings she began keeping as a teenager and her struggles to combat this illness . It is a well written book and reads very much like a novel. I applaud Julie's courage and persistence in making this book a reality. Proceeds from the book are being donated to programs and research that target mental illness.
Rating: *****

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