Such a Pretty Fat

Such a Pretty Fat

by Jen Lancaster

"Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels" --A Weight Watchers Axiom

"Weight Watchers can kiss the fattest part of my ass." --A Jen Lancaster Axiom

Wanda Cohen: Laugh out loud funny. Creative. Interesting. The first, middle and last word on dieting and some of the trials faced while trying to "fit" into society and the seats on a bus or a plane when you aren't exactly model thin. I was hooked by the opening line and laughed my way through to the end. The part of the book involving the UPS man will have you grinning like a fool the next time you see the delivery man in brown. Buy it and share it with your friends.
Rating: ****

Kim Sisto Robinson: I knew immediately after reading the first page of Lancaster's book that she was my sort of girl. The axioms above are only a slight taste of her wit, humor, and sassiness; like I said, my sort of girl. In "Such a Pretty Fat" Lancaster brings her readers into a world of dieting, starving, exercising, sweating, and sacrificing barbecued ribs for green lettuce without dressing. She brings us into a world several of us already know about.

"Today on the bus a guy called me a fat bitch," Lancaster admits on the first page. Tell me, would you want to read more? I did. Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Grapefruit diets, Boiled Egg diets; you name it, Lancaster has been on them all...and she's pissed off about it. This book will make the reader laugh out loud, but at the same time feel deep anger for a society that worships the size one skeletal models. THIS IS NOT WHAT A REAL WOMAN LOOKS LIKE! Don't you all get that?

"My fear locked me in a state of arrested development for so many years. Fear kept me from tackling my weight, which I understand has simply been symptomatic of my greater fear, growing up. I glide down the lane on my back and reflect on how good I feel right now. It's not because I've lost more than thirty pounds. I feel incredible because I've stopped being afraid" ---Jen Lancaster, Such a Pretty Fat

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Rating: ****

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