Sum Forty Tales from the Afterlives

Sum Forty Tales from the Afterlives

by David Eagleman

Anne Ferber: When I was a small child I traveled to Florida on my first plane ride and was full of excitement and anticipation as we ascended the skies. I looked down and saw a huge billowy cloud cover below and: Nothing! Where were the angels and people playing harps in white togas? Where were all the people that went to heaven?

In my young and innocent heart of hearts, I somehow knew not to mention this disappointment to anyone, as the response would surely lack satisfaction.

Now, finally, after a (pretty long)lifetime of rumination, this brilliant young neuroscientist has provided me with extremely suitable and profound answers.

These forty tales are such insightful, witty tidbits (each one is no more than three pages), I feel like I have come upon a combination of Stephen Hawking and Mel Brooks. There is such a wacky, crazy rational to each of the afterlife explanations, you are sent to a comfort zone that almost makes you think "Gee, I can't wait to die"!!! Well, OK, maybe not quite!

Since discovering Dr Eagleman, I have been googling like crazy and discover he's been an international sensation for over two years. He is the creator of the theory of Possibilianism, a philisophy of which I have been a life long adherent, but never knew existed. To be fair, he only coined the expression in 2009.

This slim volume could be a life changer, if you're willing to take the leap. At the very least, there is unending enjoyment in these pages and much comfort to be gained.
Rating: *****

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