Super Sad True Love Story

Super Sad True Love Story

by Gary Shteyngart

Arlene Almas: This outrageously funny but moving story takes us to tomorrow, when corporate America has taken over our country and created the American Restoration Authority (ARA), and everyone seems to live their lives through their digital gadgets (or are we there already?). Lenny, son of Russian immigrants, meets Eunice, daughter of Korean immigrants, and the rest is indeed a super sad love story. He's 39, she's 25; they come from different cultures; they each have family issues; but somehow, through all their troubles, something draws them together. There is a growing movement against the autocratic government, and Eunice especially becomes involved through her sister; Lenny is more apolitical. One of the unhappily funniest lines in the book is this message from the ARA, which appears with slight variations in emails and on signs: "By reading this message you are denying its existence and implying consent." Talk about messing with people's minds! Give yourself a ride on this manic roller coaster - I've never laughed so much while fearing for our future.
Rating: ****

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