Talk Before Sleep

Talk Before Sleep

by Elizabeth Berg

Kim Sisto Robinson: Do you have an author you continually go back to year after year? For me, this author is Elizabeth Berg. I've compared Berg frequently as my hot fudge sundae, my comfort food, and my girlfriend. And once again, Berg does not disappoint with "Talk before Sleep."

This is a novel about two best friends, Ann and Ruth --- about how friendship can sometimes be thicker and more powerful than blood, about how two women can love one another so profoundly that they almost become one. When Ruth is diagnosed with breast cancer, Ann leaves her life behind to take care of Ruth. They shop for wigs, laugh outrageously, talk about life, God, men, sex, and eat lots of chocolate. Berg added other characters to add a bit of drama and humor, but the essence of this jewel is about two best friends who know one another completely.

Berg understands women. This is why I keep coming back to her narratives. "Talk before Sleep" is one of her most outstanding pieces. The words and characters shine long after the last page.
Rating: *****

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