Tamarind Woman

Tamarind Woman

by Anita Rau Badami

Judy Stanton: Having read and enjoyed "Hero's Walk" by this author, I decided to read "Tamarind Woman." The books are very different, "Hero's Walk" has an interesting plot; "Tamarind Woman" is more of a character study of a mother/daughter relationship. I liked reading the book from the daughter and then the mother's perspective, seeing some of the same story through different sets of eyes. It definitely made me think about my perspective vs. my mother vs. my children. In both books, the author shares her Indian culture and its many rules, beliefs and traditions. Although they seem overwhelming and, sometimes, ridiculous, one can easily relate them to the belief systems that are shared by many other cultures, ours included. The author used an interesting technique of discriminating between past and present by using italic type for certain passages.
Rating: ***

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