The Alchemist

by Paul Coelho

Gwendowlyn Waring: I had forgotten that I had read this pleasant little story. It reminded me of my love for greek mythology. I enjoyed the book and appreciated the "easy" read. I found it to be a lovely fable; replete with moral message.
Rating: ***

Anne Ferber: I found this book to be reminiscent of "The Little Prince" which I have loved since childhood. The story basically reminds us that Life is a Journey, Not a Destination and incorporates the views of major religions as inspiration, not punishment. It is a fable with a laughably recognizable ending that is sure to please. It is amazing that this book has sold so many millions of copies throughout the world, and yet we cannot live in peace.
Rating: ****

Judy Stanton: Having seen this book on bestseller lists and waited for it a long time through the library, I had high expectations before I opened the first page. Although the fable -- a shepherd boy seeking out his "personal legend" --- had some intersting life lessons addressed by the author, on the whole, I felt it didn't do a great job in getting the reader involved. Actually, I found the story about Paul Coelho, and the parallel to this story, more interesting. I assume it was the inspiration for him to write a story about persistence in reaching your goals. He certainly was persistent!
Rating: ***

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