The Angel of Zin

The Angel of Zin

by Clifford Irving

Judy Stanton (01/25/14): I found Major Pettigrew's last stand to be a sweet love story with real life issues and less than perfectly happy endings.(which I prefer) The English country village setting added interest and tension to the story; I could see the same issues rising in small town USA. The author managed to take the "Romeo & Juliet" theme and give it a twist by making the couple from diverse backgrounds both widowed and older. I loved the Major's resistance to his child's continued efforts to make him feel "too old" and his realization, at the end of the day, about the value of relationships being more important than "things," such as a classic pair of matching guns, no matter what their value. While portraying the highly restrictive restraints of a Muslim family on women, the author made it clear that other cultures also have their expectations about appropriate behavior and liaisons, and those who continue to judge people by the color of their skin, their heritage or their religion, rather than looking at each person as an individual.
Rating: *****

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