The Art of Mending

The Art of Mending

by Elizabeth Berg

Anne Ferber: Although, I would characterize this book as a "page turner", I found it so, only because I wanted to see how the author would resolve the "mystery". As far as I was concerned, there was no mystery. The charge of abuse by her mother from the youngest child of a three sibling family seemed very apparant from the time it was stated toward the beginning of the story. The fact that the two older siblings had no idea what was going on is an indictment of them, not the facts. The mother's narcisism seemed obvious from the getgo and the father should have been jailed as far as I am concerned.

I feel that this book was poorly researched. Child abuse is a very serious and cruel crime and this plot line seems patched together without any real knowledge, just to get the reader interested until the end of the novel.
Rating: *

Loren Poley: This easy to read fiction explores a family’s gritty past of child abuse. The main character, a quilt artist, is forced to confront the dark family secrets of her upbringing during a family’s summer reunion. The story is centered on the family members’ memories, their relationships, and how their issues are resolved. Although the topic of the book is not a pleasant one, the writing is well done; and the book is hard to put down.
Rating: ***

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