The Associate

The Associate

by John Grisham

Wanda Cohen: If you are familiar with John Grisham you know that no one else can write about the law and lawyers like he can. Love him for it or hate him for it, he has the details that many other authors miss. This book is about Kyle McAvoy a law student about to graduate from Yale. He has limitless potential, and every opportunity, a top student and the editor-in-chief of the Yale Law Journal can expect. He also has a secret in his past that could destroy him and that secret has fallen into the wrong hands. The one thing Kyle has going for him is that he is very, very smart, but are they smarter? The writing is clean and straight forward. The plot is wonderfully twisted. The characters are just human enough to make you happy for them or really angry at them. Worth buying and sharing with your friends.
Rating: ****

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