The Astronaut Wives Club

The Astronaut Wives Club

by Lily Koppel

Judy Stanton (01/24/14): This was a neighborhood book club read, and most of the members agreed that while the subject matter was long overdue in being addressed, the book didn't do it justice. Koppel is a journalist, and the book was filled with interesting details, but also a lot of unimportant minutiae. So many astronauts and wives were chronicled, it was hard to remember which was which….one member suggested that it needed a chart, and I think that would have been a great help! I did hear Koppel talk at the Jewish Book Festival, and I enjoyed her presentation with slides of the group and an explanation of how she came to write the book. The funniest part was a divorced astronaut's wife who presented with the author and sang a stinging song about letting her husband (and other egocentric astronauts) be "macho man on your OWN." 3.5
Rating: ***+

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