The Auschwitz Escape

The Auschwitz Escape

by Joel C. Rosenberg

Ricki Brodie (04/11/14): How does a resistance fighter breaking prisoners out of boxcars on the way to Auschwitz find himself trapped and sent to the camp? The story opens with Jacob Weisz, a timid teenager, in France in 1940. His father, an intellectual, does not believe Hitler to be a threat and refuses to leave the country. Jacob believes his fatherís brother is correct in wanting them out. A tragedy befalls the family; Jacob escapes and joins the resistance. At the same time, an assistant pastor in a small French town, was helping to harbor Jews fleeing the Nazi invasion. He too found himself in Auschwitz.

They witness the atrocities of the camps, the building of the crematoriums, the initial ruse to get people in the showers and the plan to exterminate the Jewish population. A lot is not left to the imagination. Jacob has evolved from the shy person to someone who will risk his life for the millions who will be part of the final solution. Jacob and Luc form a unique bond. They know that 800 people have failed to escape the camps; but, they are determined to find a way and tell the leaders of the world what is happening in the camps.

Will they be able to escape and have any effect on the outcome of the war? Joel Rosenberg paints a heart-rending depiction of life in the camp. The faith people have in God is discussed both from the Jewish and Protestant perspectives and what one must do to be a good person. The characters, emotions, historical event are depicted in such a way that you will not want to put the book down or forget about for a long time.
Rating: ****

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