The Aviator's Wife

The Aviator's Wife

by Melanie Benjamin

Judy Stanton (05/07/14): When a book of historical fiction sends you to the internet to learn more, you know it's done a good job of intriguing you. I was online half way through the Aviator's Wife, curious to learn where the Lindbergh children are today and to see pictures of Anne to see if she was as plain looking as she thought herself to be. I really enjoyed reading about Lindbergh's wife; I thought the author did a great job exposing the reader to how she must have felt being married to perhaps the most famous young man on earth at the time. I learned so much about the challenges she faced being famous, being dominated by her husband, and trying to balance her support of him with her commitment to her children. I would highly recommend this book, I thought it was a great read.
Rating: *****

Dale Israel (08/02/13): The Aviator's Wife is a novel about Charles and Anne Lindbergh. It is narrated by Anne as she looks back on her life as the daughter of an ambassador and wife of the famous aviator. The author expresses herself well and engages the reader from the "get go". I must admit, however, that reading this book caused me to ponder what constitutes a good book. Yes, the book was well written, interesting and kept my attention. It offered insight into history and made it come alive. It also evoked strong emotions. So, what's the problem? I couldn't stand either of the main characters...Charles Lindbergh or -Anne. Does that make it a bad book or did the author do a good job because she did make me have strong, albeit negative feelings, towards her characters? Charles was an antisemite, who was uncaring, unfeeling and selfish. Even though he was probably the product of his environment and had to live under the microscope of public scrutiny, there were times when I wanted to give him a piece of my mind! Anne, on the other hand, never stood up for herself to her parents or husband. She was always the dutiful daughter and wife, always discounting her thoughts and opinions. Yes, this was a different era but sometimes I wanted to scream at her too. I won't say how the book ends but I will say that when the last page was turned I was glad that I read this book and all of my misgivings about it disappeared. I would love to hear what others have to say about The Aviator's Wife.
Rating: ****

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