The Bad Daughter

The Bad Daughter

by Joy Fielding

Overview: hostile relationship with her sister and a complicated past with her father's second wife have kept Robin estranged from her family for many years. But when her father's new family is attacked in their house, with her father and his wife in critical condition in the hospital, she returns home determined to put her experience as a therapist to use to help mend fences and care for her young stepsister, who survived the attack relatively unscathed. It looks like a random robbery gone awry, but as Robin spends more time with her family members, she learns they all had their secrets -- and one of those secrets may have put them all in horrible danger.

Deanna Boe (09/07/18): I like to read other reviews about a book to simply get a feel if I am out-of-line in my assessments about a book. Since I have not read her previously it is hard to judge because many were very disappointed comparing it to other books she has written, whereas others had simply loved it! I probably fall in-between. Robin receives an e-mail from her sister, Melanie, telling her that her father, step-sister, and step-mother have been shot. Her step-mother, who use to be Robin’s best friend, is dead and the other two are in bad shape. Robin has not been home since he married her friend five years ago. Melanie has an autistic son who adds just enough twists to this storyline. Again we have a storyline that manipulates our thoughts as to what exactly is happening. Who exactly is the “bad daughter” mentioned in the title of the book? You are drawn to believe it is one daughter which is too obvious, and I had guessed the outcome long before we finally knew it, but no matter this is an easy to read book with enough strange developments to keep you involved.
Rating: ***

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