The Bones of Boulder Creek

The Bones of Boulder Creek

by S.H. McCord

Dale Israel (05/25/12): A touching coming of age story, The Bones of Boulder Creek is appropriate for the entire family but especially for teachers since they have the potential to influence today's youth. Children from across all generations have endured the pain of rejection from their peers and a day doesn't go by where we don't read in the news where someone has been the target of cruel humor and/or bullying. In this regard, The Bones of Boulder Creek is quite timely. I identified with the complicated feelings expressed by the main character (and narrator) of this book and grew to love him as he struggled with being different, cowardly and ordinary. While I enjoyed reading The Bones of Boulder Creek, the ending was abrupt and a complete disappointment. It's almost as if the author decided he had written too much and had to wrap it up quickly. Overlooking this one major flaw, however, I found this to be an enjoyable story. Perfect for a summer read.
Rating: ****

Maria Sawyer (03/04/12): Shocked and delighted! I don't usually buy a book if I don't hear about from a friend first, but I took a shot on this one and just loved it! Having spent my entire childhood playing in my neighborhood woods, McCord's novel brought it all right back. His writing is so beautiful that I felt like I was right there with the kids! I laughed, I got mad, I cheered, I cried. There were a thousand lines that I highlighted and will use when talking to my children. I can't wait until they are old enough (middle school, I think) to read it themselves!
Rating: *****

Joan Humphries (02/29/12): A book written by a man through the eyes of a 13 year old boy that touches the lives and memories of teens, adults, and senior adults, both male and female, with a plot that hooks and carries you along on simply eloquent language. Not to be missed by women and their families.
Rating: *****

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