The Clockmaker's Daughter

The Clockmaker's Daughter

by Kate Morton

Overview: In the summer of 1862, a group of young artists led by the passionate and talented Edward Radcliffe descends upon Birchwood Manor on the banks of the Upper Thames. Their plan: to spend a secluded summer month in a haze of inspiration and creativity. But by the time their stay is over, one woman has been shot dead while another has disappeared; a priceless heirloom is missing; and Edward Radcliffe’s life is in ruins.

Over one hundred and fifty years later, Elodie Winslow, a young archivist in London, uncovers a leather satchel containing two seemingly unrelated items: a sepia photograph of an arresting-looking woman in Victorian clothing, and an artist’s sketchbook containing the drawing of a twin-gabled house on the bend of a river.

Why does Birchwood Manor feel so familiar to Elodie? And who is the beautiful woman in the photograph? Will she ever give up her secrets?

Told by multiple voices across time, The Clockmaker’s Daughter is a story of murder, mystery, and thievery, of art, love, and loss. And flowing through its pages like a river, is the voice of a woman who stands outside time, whose name has been forgotten by history, but who has watched it all unfold: Birdie Bell, the clockmaker’s daughter.

Faith Bowers (03/04/19: This is the fourth novel in the past 2 months that I have read based old English country homes. I always enjoy a Kate Morton historical fiction/mystery. She puts a lot of time into researching each book and this one is no exception. The Clockmakers Daughter meanders some with many different times in history regarding the mystery and those that have been related to the country home. I enjoyed each section but then I could easily forget the relation to the mystery if there is even one. Even so, it was a good read and I did get absorbed into each group of characters. This book has a ghost of which you are introduced quite early on in the novel and that is more unusual for a Morton novel. Aside from Birdie, my favorite character was Juliet, the mother of three, escaping to the country during the Blitz. Her fortitude and ambition works for a character and she may be just a clog in the wheel of this book but a nice one. .
Rating: ***

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