Hawaii: The Cradle

The Cradle

by Patrick Somerville

Arlene Almas: Matt's wife, Marissa, is eight months pregnant and wants him to find a Civil War-era cradle that had been in her family for generations until her mother left home when Marissa was a child and took the cradle with her. With just the address of Marissa's mother's half sister to guide him, given to him by Marissa's father, Matt sets off on his quest and makes a surprising discovery.

Meanwhile, we are introduced to another family: Renee and Bill's son, Adam, has been deployed to Iraq. Renee is terribly worried, and memories of a previous period in her life begin to surface, which only serves to increase her anxiety. Matt's narrative alternates with Renee's, and after some time I was able to grasp the connection between the two. I don't want to give anything away, so I will just say that this is a very moving story that I think most of our readers will enjoy.
Rating: ****

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