The Creation of Anne Boleyn

The Creation of Anne Boleyn

by Susan Bordo

Joyce Mandeville (04/06/14): For years, probably forty or more years, I've been obsessed with Anne. I've read and re-read everything about her and my first attempt at fiction was a time-slip story that involved Anne. (Delighted it was never published since the writing left a lot to be desired. What can I say, I was young.) When I lived in England I made a point of visiting every place that had an association with Boleyn, I suppose in hopes that I could finally understand what really happened to her, but more importantly, who she really was. I will still read everything I can about Anne, but through Bordo's book, I think I finally know who she was and how the tragedy of her death ensued.

Bordo has meticulously examined sources and finally debunked many of them. The portrait she paints of Boleyn, and her time that is magnificent. I can't recommend this book highly enough to my others who have an interest in English history and this woman's role in it.
Rating: *****

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