The Crossing Places

The Crossing Places

by Elly Griffits

Arlene Almas: It's a murder mystery! It's an introduction to the culture of Iron Age peoples of Britain (about 2000 years ago), with some Nordic beliefs and practices mixed in! It's also the personal story of Ruth Galloway, an archeologist on the faculty of a local university in Norfolk, England. Ruth lives on the edge of an area called the Saltmarsh, between earth and sea, and sacred to its ancient inhabitants. Upon the discovery of a skeleton in the marsh, which Ruth identifies as that of an Iron Age girl, she is drawn by Detective Chief Inspector Harry Nelson into a current murder investigation of a young girl. The author weaves together the story of Ruth as a woman and a professional archeologist, an understanding of the landscape and its meanings to people who lived there so long ago, and the suspense of the murder investigation in a masterful way. With its many fascinating characters and constantly emerging developments in the investigation, this is a very exciting book to read.
Rating: *****

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