The Day She Disappeared

The Day She Disappeared

by Christobel Kent

Overview:When Beth disappears, everyone says she’s run off with another man. She’s just a fly-by-night party girl who can’t be trusted. But Natalie, her best friend, doesn’t believe it, not at all. She’s sure something more sinister is going on. So sure that proving it just might kill her . . .

Meanwhile, Victor, one of Beth’s and Nat’s favorite bar patrons, has fallen and ended up in the hospital. When he hears that Beth is gone, he doesn’t buy it either. And slowly, a hazy memory comes back to him. Something menacing . . . something important . . . something just out of his grasp . . .

As Nat tries to piece together the events—and people—in Beth’s life, it becomes more difficult to discern who can and can’t be trusted. The little town in the English countryside takes on an ominous air, with a threat behind every corner, outside every window. And someone is always watching . . .

Kent’s most recent novel, The Loving Husband, was an international bestseller, and it is in no way hyperbole to declare The Day She Disappeared her very best. It is as brutally unsettling as The Loving Husband, but even more intricate and surprising; as claustrophobic and atmospheric as The Crooked House, but even more heartbreaking in its truths.

Kent has been compared to such masters as Daphne du Maurier and P. D. James. With The Day She Disappeared, a new crop of writers will be compared to Christobel Kent.

Carole Zwicker (01/02/19):This is the first book of Kent's that I have read and I am looking forward to reading her previous novels. This murder mystery takes place in rural England and deals with one murder and the suspicious disappearance of Beth, a barmaid at the local pub. This is not a police procedural because the police do not seem very interested in the disappearance of a party girl and it is mostly left to her best friend Natalie to find out what could have happened to Beth. There are many suspects among the people who have crossed Beth's path and Natalie endangers her life to seek out the truth. The novel moves at a good pace and the ending is surely not evident. A great winter read. Highly recommended.
Rating: ****

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