The Devil's Punchbowl

The Devil's Punchbowl

by Greg Iles

Wanda Cohen: Those who read Greg Iles will not be disappointed by this book. Those who do not, will be sad that they have waited this long to discover this great author. Although the title refers to a location in Mississippi, the image it implies is also correct. Picture a huge caldron filled with every human fault, frailty, impulse, compulsion, horror, terror, torture and death and you have the idea. The book is a real page turner with an intense plot that never releases it's hold over you. Even after you close the back cover, this story stays with you.

The setting is Natches, Mississippi. The main character is Penn Cage, a father, a single dad and an honorable man caught in the clutches of evil in the form of two men who are not what they seem and who operate above the law. Penn calls in a team of allies who he hopes he can trust to help save him, his best friend, his family and his town but is it too late. The attack is personal. The means are things found in nightmares. The plot is thick and oftentimes hard to read. Stick with it because it's worth it. This book is great for men and women, not for kids, and not for the timid. I recommend buying it and sharing it with your friends.
Rating: ****

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