The Enchantress of Florence

The Enchantress of Florence

by Salman Rushdie

Arlene Almas: For those who know and love Salman Rushdie's work, get ready for another wild ride! "The Enchantress of Florence" is an extended fable which takes us back to the 16th century and its two worlds: the East, personified by Akbar, emperor of the Mughal empire of India, and the West, in the persons of three friends from Florence, Niccolo "il Machia", Ago Vespucci, and Antonino Argalia. It is also a tale of a mysterious woman who moves between these two worlds and appears to have powers beyond those of ordinary women. Actually many of the women in this story have unusual powers - you'll know you're not in our world once you lose yourself in this one! I enjoyed it tremendously and recommend it highly.
Rating: *****

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