The End of Faith

The End of Faith

by Sam Harris

Anne Ferber: This book is truly an eye opener. Although I usually shy away from polemics, everyone seems to have an axe to grind. Mr. Harris, a renowned scientist and philosophy scholar, explains in detail the irreconcilable confrontations that are occurring in world and national politics today between reason and religion. He analyses the historical evolution that has taken place in the main religions Judaic, Christian and Muslim plus the influences of Western and Eastern thought that have resulted in a total conflict with science and/or reasonable pursuits. He describes these pursuits as evidential proofs.

This is heavy stuff. It is understandable that when one's most cherished beliefs are exposed, and their lack of evidence or reasonable justification is vehemently discussed, an extremely high degree of discomfort to say the least is the result. In fact, Mr. Harris seriously argues that no less than the end of the planet and life as we know it, could be brought about by the mass weapons and ignorant practices that are prevalent in the world today.

Although this book is written too intelligently to be considered a doomsday script, it is an extreme argument that should be addressed by reasonable citizens of all nations involved in the progress and perpetuity of the human race.
Rating: *****

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