The Family Man

The Family Man

by Elinor Lipman

Arlene Almas: This is the extremely delightful tale of Henry, his ex-wife Denise, his former stepdaughter Thalia, who he adopted when he married Denise, and various other characters, mostly hilarious, who populate the story. Henry is a retired attorney who happens to be gay, and he has not had contact with Thalia for about twenty years. His marriage to Denise was very short-lived and she remarried very quickly afterward; her new (third) husband adopted Thalia, which Henry did not contest for reasons you will encounter in the book. He still misses her and thinks about her often. Since this is a novel, after all, Henry and Thalia "meet cute" and go on to establish a wonderful father-daughter relationship; meanwhile, Thalia's dream of becoming an actress takes an unusual turn, and Henry, with help, develops a social life. "The Family Man" is a story with a big, warm heart, and I'm sure it will warm yours.
Rating: *****

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