The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars

by John Green

Marilyn Baron (07/28/13): This is not an official book review but I want to agree with the review Debbie Weiss wrote about "The Fault in Our Stars." My favorite book used to be The Book Thief, also a Young Adult book. The Fault in our Stars is equally as good or better. This book will have you laughing and crying. It is so smart and original and wonderful. I highly recommend it.

Debbie Weiss (07/25/13): Hazel Grace Lancaster is 16 years old. She is cute, extremely intelligent, loves her parents and unfortunately, she has cancer. Her mother encourages her to join a teen survivor cancer support group and there she meets Augustus (Gus) Waters, a "hot" and athletic young man who has lost one of his legs to osteosarcoma. While this sounds like the beginning of a very depressing book, it definitely is not. These two young individuals share a love of literature and their favorite book together, "An Imperial Affliction," leads them to correspond via email with the book's author in The Netherlands. Together with Hazel's mom, they take a trip to Amsterdam to meet the author, a trip funded by an organization similar to The Children's Wish Foundation.

Their European adventure is amazing, even though the author, Peter Van Houten, turns out to be a big disappointment. Hazel and Gus fall in love and help each other through very difficult times. While this book is considered Young Adult Literature (as was "The Book Thief") this delicately-written book appeals to readers of all ages. Questions of the meaning of life are raised and the idea of leaving one's mark on the world is addressed. I really enjoyed the book, though the ending was realistic and sad.

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