The Friday Night Knitting Club

The Friday Night Knitting Club

by Kate Jacobs

Wanda Cohen: I agree with Debbie. This is a good book but not a great one. If I knitted, I might have enjoyed it more! The characters were interesting and their interactions were entertaining. I wanted to finish it but I wouldn't want to read it again. I was surprised by the ending. It doesn't finish like the normal easy read "all tied up in a cute bow." Look for it in the library, especially if you knit, but don't buy it.
Rating: ***

Debbie Weiss: The Friday Night Knitting Club is the story of a single mother, Georgia Walker, who owns a knitting store in Manhattan. Georgia is an independent, bright, and organized person who has her life and the life of her daughter, Dakota, very much under control.

She shares her life with many women who either work in the store or frequent the store. They form a knitting club which meets on Friday nights where they do a little knitting, but mostly they share their trials and tribulations of the week. They support each other and enjoy each other's company.

Then things change when Dakota's father moves back into town and insists that he wants to be an integral part of his daughter's life. Georgia's reaction at first is suspicion and displeasure about his reappearance and she feels threatened.  Georgia works out these difficulties with her former lover and when a crisis arises in Georgia's health, all her friends and especially Dakota's father are there to support her and help her deal with all the problems that she must face.

I liked the fact that this book encouraged young women to be independent and to strive for success --- and to take responsibility for their own actions.  This is not a great book, but it is nice book and it is an easy read.  It ended up being a tear-jerker for me, which I definitely did not expect.
Rating: ***

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