The Girl in the Green Raincoat

The Girl in the Green Raincoat

by Laura Lippman

Debbie Weiss (06/03/12): Tess Monaghan is a private investigator, who is in the third trimester of a problem pregnancy and has been confined to bed by her doctor until the baby arrives. By nature active and inquisitive, Tess is bored and restless. She passes the hours by looking out of her bedroom window and observing the people who pass by. She becomes fascinated with a woman who wears a green raincoat who walks her dog to the park every afternoon at the same time. One day, the dog races by without its owner and then Tess no longer sees them in the afternoons. Certain that something is terribly wrong, Tess uses her investigative skills from her bedroom to uncover the complex situation that resulted in the disappearance of the girl in the green raincoat.

This is a very short book which is light reading, but is definitely lot of fun.
Rating: ****

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