The Girl in the Mirror

The Girl in the Mirror

by Constance McKee

Overview: PSYCHIATRIST JODI KENDALL adores her husband, Michael. One night, they have a serious argument in which she detaches from her body—a coping technique she’s never revealed to anyone. The next day, Jodi can’t remember the details of the argument, and before they can reconcile, Michael suddenly dies.

Six months later, distraught and confused, Jodi takes an accidental overdose and has a near-death experience in which she has a brief, loving encounter with Michael. He seems so real that, after her resuscitation, she consults a near-death experience expert, Dr. Simon Bentley, who concludes that Michael exists, in the flesh, in a parallel world. Jodi, with Dr. Bentley’s help, resolves to join Michael again. Her quest becomes an obsession, and as she begins to despair, she finally discovers the path to Michael’s world. What she finds there surprises her and ultimately changes her life.

The Girl in the Mirror details a young woman’s quest for self-identity. It is a love story and an adventure story, and raises important questions about the nature of reality and a new possibility for life after death.

Connie Lacy (07/23/17): I enjoy books with a magical realism or fantasy element. And “The Girl in the Mirror” falls into that category for me. Jodi, a young psychiatrist who loses her husband to a sudden heart attack, has a near death experience when she overdoses during intense grieving. She not only sees her dead husband, Michael, but talks with him and even embraces him as he heads off for work. And then she wakes up in the ER. While fighting the temptation to commit suicide, she makes it her mission to see Michael again and agrees to undergo electroconvulsive therapy, which seems to allow her to visit what her elderly psychiatrist friend suggests is a parallel existence where Michael is still alive. Jodi’s story is a compelling one as she works through her strong emotions and feelings of loss – not only for her husband, but for other lost relationships as well. McKee’s expertise (having worked many years as a psychiatrist herself) makes for some very knowledgeable descriptions of depression, psychiatric practice and near death experiences. A fascinating story with some compelling scenes.
Rating: ****

Rona Simmons (05/31/17): “Reality is, after all, very subjective.” The perfect line to sum up this intriguing story that stretches your belief systems .. is there life after death, is there a parallel universe to our own, can you go there, and would you if you could? I had to stop myself from skimming to find out what happens at the end. I'm not sure I believe in the parallel universe, well I probably don't or can't wrap my head around it, but Near Death Experiences, yes ... I suppose, well maybe. A very difficult subject blending science and fiction and handled deftly by Constance McKee
Rating: ****

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