The Good Thief

The Good Thief

by Hannah Tinti

Debbie Weiss "The Good Thief" is one of those rare, delightful, well-written books that is easy to read and is beautifully written. The story is written through the eyes of 12-year-old Ren, an orphan who is missing his left hand and has been living at St. Anthony's Orphanage for as long as he can remember. One day a man named Benjamin Nab arrives at the orphanage and claims that Ren is his long-lost younger brother. He is allowed to take Ren away from the only home that the young, innocent boy has ever known. Benjamin Nab turns out to be a thief and scam artist and a grave robber, not his long lost brother. Ren becomes his accomplice in the life of crime. Ultimately, Ren discovers the secret of the family he never knew. I just loved the young boy who was innately a good, decent lad who tries to rationalize his new life of crime. I absolutely recommend this wonderful book.
Rating: *****

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