The Hamilton Affiar

The Hamilton Affair

by Elizabeth Cobbs

Overview:Set against the dramatic backdrop of the American Revolution, and featuring a cast of legendary characters, The Hamilton Affair tells the sweeping, tumultuous, true story of Alexander Hamilton and Elizabeth Schuyler, from passionate and tender beginnings of their romance to his fateful duel on the banks of the Hudson River.

Hamilton was a bastard and orphan, raised in the Caribbean and desperate for legitimacy, who became one of the American Revolution's most dashing—and improbable—heroes. Admired by George Washington, scorned by Thomas Jefferson, Hamilton was a lightning rod: the most controversial leader of the new nation. Elizabeth was the wealthy, beautiful, adventurous daughter of the respectable Schuyler clan—and a pioneering advocate for women. Together, the unlikely couple braved the dangers of war, the perils of seduction, the anguish of infidelity, and the scourge of partisanship that menaced their family and the country itself.

With flawless writing, brilliantly drawn characters, and epic scope, The Hamilton Affair tells a story of love forged in revolution and tested by the bitter strife of young America, and will take its place among the greatest novels of American history ever written.

Linda Schulte (07/21/19): I love historical fiction, so when my book club chose this book, I was excited, and this fictional, but closely accurate account of the life of Alexander Hamilton did not disappoint! The author tells the parallel stories of Hamilton and Eliza Schuyler (the woman he marries) beginning when they are children, and continuing throughout their lives.

Hamilton, we learn, was born in the Caribbean, a bastard and an orphan, and this book tells the remarkable story of his rise to heroism during the Americas Revolution. He was admired by George Washington, but just as in today's polarizing political climate, he had many enemies. Eliza Schuyler came from a well-to-do family, and she became an early women's advocate. Together they were a trail-blazing couple during the early years of our country.

I really enjoyed this book and think the author did a great job drawing the multi-faceted characters of Alexander Hamilton and his wife, Eliza, as well as the many controversial relationships and situations of this very early time in our country's history.
Rating: ****

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