The Homecoming

The Homecoming

by Andrew Pyper

Overview: What if everything you knew about the people you loved was a lie?

After the death of their absentee father, Aaron and Bridge Quinlan travel to a vast rainforest property in the Pacific Northwest to hear the reading of his will. There, they meet up with their mother and troubled sister, Franny, and are shocked to discover the willís terms: in order to claim their inheritance they must all remain at the estate for thirty days without any contact with the outside world. Despite their concerns, they agree.

The Quinlans soon come to learn their family has more secrets than they ever imaginedórevelations that at first inspire curiosity, then fear. Why does Bridge have faint memories of the estate? Why did their father want them to be sequestered there together? And what is out there they feel pulling them into the dark heart of the woods?

The Homecoming is at once a gripping mystery, a chilling exploration of how our memories can both define and betray us, and a riveting page-turner that will have you questioning your very existence.

Carole Zwicker (03/25/19): I have been searching for a word that best describes The Homecoming by Andrew Pyper but I find that it cannot be classified as being any one genre. Psychological thriller, mystery, horror, character study, etc. all describe this novel. The Quinlan siblings, Franny, Bridge and Aaron, are summoned to Belfountain in the Pacific Northwest for the reading of their absentee father's will. The country estate belonged to him and the children are not sure why they must attend there. They are greeted by his attorney who informs them that in order to inherit their father's fortune, they must live at Belfountain for 30 days. And down the rabbit hole the reader goes. When reading an Andrew Pyper book, one is never sure what to expect and The Homecoming does not disappoint. What an imagination!
Rating: ****

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