The Hot Flash Club Chills Out

The Hot Flash Club Chills Out

by Nancy Thayer

Kim Sisto Robinson: I am in mourning. I must wear black. Because I just finished "The Hot Flash Club Chills Out" and I miss all of the girls, their relationships, adventures, dreams, and their full lives. I miss Nantucket. I still taste the salt water upon my tongue and feel the cool breeze against my cheeks.

I love the idea of women in their 60s giggling over meeting handsome men, discussing the George Clooney look-alike waiter with the tight ass, and having hot orgasms. It's like screaming into society's face, "You're wrong about women over 55 being fruitless, sexless, and useless. You don't know sh## about us, babe!"

"Hot Flash Club" is for every woman. She does not need to be 50 or 60 to appreciate Thayer's books, humor, and exquisite characters.... but she must understand one thing for certain, that one day she will be Hot Flashin' herself, and she will without question be sexy, vivacious, creative, meaningful, spirited, and unbelievably significant. Yes, she will FINALLY be herself. Read Thayer's books...You will be hooked just like me!
Rating: ****

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