The House of Tomorrow

The House of Tomorrow

by Peter Bognanni

Arlene Almas: Sebastian is a 16-year-old outsider who lives with his grandmother in a geodesic dome outside a small town in Iowa. His grandmother had once known Buckminster Fuller, the inventor of the geodesic dome, and practically worships him and his philosophical concepts about humanity. Sebastian is home-schooled and has very little contact with the outside world. He meets Jared, also 16 years old, who is another type of outsider: he has had a heart transplant and is ill and weak due to organ rejection syndrome, and has not attended school in some time. Jared is ironic and somewhat bitter, yet vulnerable Ė not an easy person to get to know. The two boys form an unlikely bond; having, and being, a friend is a new experience for both of them. Jared is obsessed with punk rock, and Sebastian comes to share that obsession Ė when Sebastian learns a few basic guitar chords, Jared insists that they form a a two-man band to play at Jaredís motherís church. While Sebastian is developing a feel for rock music, heís also becoming infatuated with Jaredís sardonic sister Meredith, who leads him in another new emotional direction. I didnít think I could relate to a story about male adolescents, but I was strongly drawn to these two characters and found myself caring very much about them.
Rating: ****

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