The Ice Princess

The Ice Princess

by Camilla Lackberg

Arlene Almas (09/03/11): For those of you who can't get enough of Swedish murder mysteries, here is an excellent one you may like. Soon after Erica returns to her small home town for a temporary stay, her childhood friend Alexandra is found dead, a presumed suicide. Erica decides to write a book about Alex's life, although they have not been in contact during their adult years. We do know that Alex was beautiful, aloof, and married. Determined to seek further information for her book, Erica meets with Alex's parents and husband; suspecting that Alex's death was a murder, Erica begins to work together with Patrik, another childhood friend who is now a police detective, to investigate the case. Lackberg achieves a fine balance between a murder mystery and the personal stories of two women whose lives diverged after childhood, but joined again when one became obsessed with discovering the truth about the other.
Rating: *****

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