The Inn and Us

The Inn and Us

by Anne Edwards and Stephen Citron

Judy Stanton (01/29/12): In a book club discussion of Anne Edwards' Road to Tara, it was mentioned that she and Stephen Citron co-authored a book about their experience running an Inn in the Berkshires. Having visited there this past summer, it caught my interest, and I found it to be an easy, charming read. The story is told in alternating chapters by each author, chronicling their challenges, achievements and their blossoming love story. The book was short and sweet and piqued my intertest in the couple and the inn. Having visited New England, it was interesting to see how a business has to work through the limited tourist season to survive. I also happen to love bed and breakfasts and often thought about the lives of the proprietors. In all, a good, quick read.
Rating: ****

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