The Innocent Man

The Innocent Man

by John Grisham

Gail Reid: Having enjoyed John Grisham's thrillers long ago when they were new and novel, I was interested to see what he could do with a non-fiction account. If you believe that our judicial system guarantees justice and fair-handed practice, you will be quickly enlightened by this book.

Ron Williamson spends 14 years in prison - much of it on Death Row -- for a 1982 Oklahoma murder which he did not commit. The fact that he is mentally ill; that clear cut evidence is lacking; and that the good ol' boy network prevails in rural Oklahoma are themes interwoven in the book.

I thought the book was longer than needed. And, the well- paced story telling for which Grisham is famous was sadly missing. However, for an understanding of what can go wrong with the U.S. justice system, the book is an eye opener.

Rating: ***

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