The Invention of Wings

The Invention of Wings

by Sue Monk Kidd

Dale Israel (02/03/14): There has been quite a bit of controversy surrounding Sue Monk Kidd's latest book, The Invention of Wings, on the Amazon website. Because this is an Oprah Book Selection, the kindle edition has Queen Oprah's highlights and annotations. While I am a fan of Oprah's, I did not want my reading interrupted by her highlights. Fortunately, there is a kindle edition you can download that doesn't have this: The Invention of Wings: A Novel. The public is in an uproar that Amazon gave Oprah so much power and unfortunately their anger is unfairly reflected in the ratings and reviews of this book. That being said however, this was a great book. In alternating voices, two women living in the 1800's tell their stories: Sarah, an abolitionist and the daughter of an affluent, slave owning family and Handful, one of their slaves. These 2 women share a complicated relationship so aptly described by Sue Monk Kidd. Reading how women were expected to behave in the 1800's made me extremely appreciatvie of living in a world today where women can aspire to be whoever they want to be without the permission of their husbands. There is a spiritual flavor to the story which is needed to offset descriptions of slave brutality. This was a great read and would probably be an excellent book club discussion. 4+
Rating: ****+

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