The Jericho Deception

The Jericho Deception

by Jeffrey Small

Overview: A heart-stopping thriller into the nexus between spirituality, neuropsychology, and international politics. What if you controlled the power to see God? Yale neuroscientist Dr. Ethan Lightman is on the verge of a ground-breaking discovery. A discovery that will solve a mystery that has haunted him since childhood. A discovery that will alter humanity’s relationship with religion forever. Ethan’s invention, the Logos machine, has the power to produce religious ecstasy, but it may also cause madness.

When a colleague is brutally murdered, Ethan and Rachel Riley, a brilliant and beautiful graduate student, are thrust into a web of treachery that takes them deep into the Egyptian desert and to Project Jericho: a top-secret CIA program run by a mysterious doctor. As Ethan learns how his research has been perverted, he and Rachel race to unlock the Logos machine’s secrets before Project Jericho launches a modern Holy War. Along the way, he must confront a suppressed secret from his past that defines his very being.

Deanna Boe (02/01/18): This is an unusual storyline that contains a little of everything i.e. scientific fiction, murder, love, religion – all coupled together with intrigue and suspense. It was written in 2013 by none other then an Atlanta author, Jeffrey Small. This is his second novel. The storyline centers on a scientific machine that is called Logas. It has been developed by a Yale neuroscientist by the name of Dr. Ethan Lightman. He does not know why but ever since he was young he has been intrigued by the question – why has man needed religion? Why has it played such a vast need in our lives? Is there really a God? Or has it been something man has created to give meaning to our lives?

Ethan is not only a neurophysiologist but also a medical doctor, who was studying the innermost workings of the human brain. Could the brain supply us with the spirituality of God? From time began man has wondered if there was more to life, is there a God? Why has there been a need to have so many different religions throughout the history of mankind? Ethan is hoping to discover the truth behind all of this with his machine. Would it work?

First, it is tried on monkeys and then on two volunteers. This provides not only success but also some failure. Why did one monkey obviously show negative results? Was this machine able to show spirituality and the meaning of God? The Catholic nun who underwent the experiment felt she had. But the larger question became when Ethan’s partner was murdered – why? Who was the man who all of a sudden was following Ethan and the pretty lab partner of the monkeys?

The storyline got a little far out for me when they ended up in the Egyptian desert and in the amazingly underground laboratory created for the United States’ CIA. But, it shows the author has a very creative mind, including how to convert Muslim’s to Christianity. We return to the premise that man has always wondered why? Why are we here? Is this all? Is my religion the right one? What it really goes on to show is the fact man will continue to murder each other, especially when they feel they are in the “right” and if you don’t believe the same, you are obviously wrong.
Rating: ****

Ricki Brodie (06/30/14): Imagine a device that can produce the quintessential religious experience or drive you mad. Take two scientists at Yale, one a little awkward around women, wrapped up in getting funding to finish their work, a graduate assistant who works with monkeys, a CIA conspiracy and involve them in murder and treachery. What you get is a thriller about changing the religious fabric of the world in order to bring world peace. There are questions about whether these induced mystical experiences are really religious experiences or simply what our mind wants us to believe. The book moves between continents and between different points of view while moving us to what could be a cataclysmic conclusion. 4+
Rating: ****+

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