King of Lies

King of Lies

by John Hart

Debbie Weiss: Jackson Workman Pickens ("Work") is a lawyer whose father, Ezra, disappeared shortly after his mother was killed. Now, over a year later, his father's body has been found and it appears that he was murdered, too. Work and his sister did not have a good relationship with the father and both had reason to kill him. Work fears that his sister, Jean, is the murderer. Jean has had mental problems and is not a stable individual. It turns out, though that Work is the one the police suspect and the circumstantial evidence against him is strong. It is up to him to figure out who the actual killer is and why. Along the way we learn the secrets that each character carries with them from the past. I enjoyed this book very much --- it is a very quick read and it kept my interest and curiosity the whole way through.
Rating:* ***

Judy Stanton: I had read "Down River" by John Hart and enjoyed the book so much I wanted to give King of Lies a try. I did like it, but felt it was not as believable as the storyline in Down River. While it is a good page-turning "whodunit," I felt that some of the actions of the central character were a little far fetched, considering he was an attorney. However, I would still recommend it as a good, quick read, especially to people who enjoy mysteries.
Rating: ***

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