The Knowledge

The Knowledge

by Martha Grimes

Overview: Robbie Parsons is one of London’s finest, a black cab driver who knows every street, every theater, every landmark in the city by heart. In his backseat is a man with a gun in his hand—a man who brazenly committed a crime in front of the Artemis Club, a rarefied art gallery-cum-casino, then jumped in and ordered Parsons to drive. As the criminal eventually escapes to Nairobi, Detective Superintendent Richard Jury comes across the case in the Saturday paper.

Two days previously, Jury had met and instantly connected with one of the victims of the crime, a professor of astrophysics at Columbia and an expert gambler. Feeling personally affronted, Jury soon enlists Melrose Plant, Marshall Trueblood, and his whole gang of merry characters to contend with a case that takes unexpected turns into Tanzanian gem mines, a closed casino in Reno, Nevada, and a pub that only London’s black cabbies, those who have “the knowledge,” can find..

Carole Zwicker (12/16/18): This is the 24th murder mystery in the Richard Jury series. However, since this is a first in the series for me, I can approach it on its own individual merits. This can easily be read as a standalone. Richard Jury is a Scotland Yard sleuth and The Knowledge is the name of a London pub frequented by black cab drivers only. The book begins with the murder of a married couple outside of an elite art gallery/casino. The crime is witnessed by a cab driver who, in turn, is kidnapped. The storyline takes us from London to Africa and back again, introducing new characters as it progresses. This novel reads like a cozy mystery because the characters are not always credible and sometimes confuse the story. I did enjoy The Knowledge and would like to read more of Martha Grimes' previous novels.
Rating: ****

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